Instant Road Repair® Outperforms Cold Mix Asphalt Because:

Instant Road Repair®

Instant Road Repair® is the only rapid-curing asphaltic concrete patching material in existence. Instant Road Repair® will rapidly achieve a very high stability and in-place density allowing a repair to be made in an unconfined area. There will be no shoving, rutting or migrating in the patched area.
Cold Mix Asphalt

Cold Mixed Asphalt contains diesel or naphtha cutbacks and are slow curing. Because of this, these patching materials do not achieve a very high stability or a stable density initially. The cutbacks that are used to make this mix workable, are slow to evaporate. This can cause the patching area to shove, rut or migrate during the very slow curing time these products exhibit.
Instant Road Repair® is non-hazardous and has a neutral PH, containing no acids allowing for permanent patching to be done on concrete areas.
Cold Mix Asphalt and Hot Mix Asphalt both contain acids to help them stay workable. The acids in these mixes tend to do more harm than good when this mix is used to patch concrete areas. When these acids come in contact with concrete they react with the cement and cause spalling over a period of time.
Instant Road Repair® can be used to permanently patch when surface temperatures are as low as -40 or as high as 168 Fahrenheit.
While Cold Mixed Asphalt can be very workable through a broad temperature range, it becomes very unstable once the road surface temperature reaches +100 F. This will cause rutting, shoving and migrating within the patched area.
Instant Road Repair® is applied to concrete or asphalt repair areas without the addition of any tack oil or bonding agent. Repairs can be made in all weather conditions.
Most Cold Mixed Asphalts have to have tack oil or a bonding agent applied to the repaired area before the placement of the patching mix.
Instant Road Repair® addresses the basic mix design values: using a uniform, well-graded, clean aggregate with strict stability and density requirements. This formula has been proven for over 20 years on interstate highways, city, county and state roads, airport runways, parking lots and residential driveways.
No Cold Mixed Asphalt addresses the basic mix design values. They can be very workable, but usually have a single gradation of aggregate that relies solely on the asphalt binder for stability. When placed in cold weather, it apparently does the job, but as warmer temperatures heat up the repaired area, problems begin to emerge. Rutting, shoving and migrating of the repaired area rapidly leads to repair failure.
Cold Mixed Asphalt / Bulk, Bag or Bucket READ THE WARNING LABEL and the MSDS information.
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